The Chem Sources Association is deeply saddened by the loss of 
Edward Brown
An active board member for many years.

Mike Monterosa & Ed Brown

We Will Miss You!

The Chemical Sources Association was created to provide flavor industry professionals with a resource that fosters the exchange of knowledge on raw materials and their suppliers.  We are a COMPANY MEMBERSHIP organization. If you are unsure if your company is a member, CLICK HERE to check the list.


What's Next?

Stay tuned for information about our February 12 Meeting at Monell Institute (Philadelphia, PA)

Coming Up!

March 5 - West Coast Meeting (Anaheim, CA)

April 15 - Midwest Meeting (Cincinnati, OH)

May 14 - Chem Sources Roundtable (Newark, NJ)


We have a new look after all these years and we are very appreciative of FIORE, for giving us their time and talent to refresh our brand with a new logo and tagline.

FIORE InspirAgency  is a Brand Communications, Marketing and Public Relations company. FIORE Twenty-Twenty is the newly formed consultancy of Fiore InspirAgency, with a new website launching in June at www.fioreinspires.com .  Fiore is generously offering our members an opportunity to experience their INSPIRATON CAFÉ  at no charge.  Call 973-359-4444  and speak with Jennifer to schedule.

Can't find an ingredient??

Ask the Sourceress

1 hour Heat Management Workshop 

FC SYMPOSIUM 2014 - The State of the Industry After 60 Years

October 8th 8:00 am - 9th, 4:00 pm

222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ

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